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Claude Vigneault – International Speaker, Trainer and Certified Professional.

Claude Vigneault – Certified Professional Coach, Leadership Trainer and Speaker.

Claude always had an entrepreneur mind but before undertaking his entrepreneurial adventure, he was a manager and an executive in several organizations. He has had the privilege of playing a prominent role for companies in Canada and at the international level.

With his corporate experience, Claude has developed several successful companies over the years. Passionate about the human potential development and wishing to continue to get involved in the business community, Claude completed a training course at the Management Coaching Academy in Montreal. He is a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) and a member of the CCF. In addition, Claude is also a certified coach, trainer and speaker on various Leadership programs in the USA.

Claude defines himself as an awareness catalyst and an accelerator of solutions. Its role is to create conditions for learning, improvement, commitment, implementation, progress and achievement of objectives so that you can live the professional life you want as you wish…

His way of contributing to the destiny of people is by using the power of coaching, training, workshops and conferences in order to bring human potential beyond hope and expectations.

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