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Based on my solid, effective and proven approach, I work with you to define, design and implement the most successful learning engagement. I begin by understanding your most critical challenges and assessing your needs either from training, workshop or conference and then recommending a leadership development plan that solves your problems and achieves the desired impact. Training programs, workshops and conferences can be given in French, English or both at the same time.


Introduction to Situation Leadership II – SLII
Situational Leadership is a model for individual development. It is both a language and a strategy aimed at providing the right degree of direction and encouragement to employees. Situational leadership has the role of encouraging employees to self-direct and self-motivate.

Boost your team performance
Understanding the mechanics and dynamics of teamwork has never been easy. However, there is a simple and practical program that introduces you to the key concepts of building and maintaining efficient and effective teams. This program is for leaders and team members

First time Manager program
This program is designed to help new managers to have a good start and overcome the challenges of their new position by providing them with the Essential Skills to balance: Relationships and Outcomes. This program is based on the following coaching model:

  • Listen to learn
  • Ask to understand
  • Tell your truth
  • Demonstrate your confidence

Essential coaching
How to equip managers and leaders by integrating coaching behaviors into their leadership style and developing essential coaching skills. The most effective managers and leaders have the qualities of an excellent coach. Leaders who use coaching skills have more effective teams, develop and retain their key people and generally experience higher productivity.

Claude Vigneault – Certified Professional Coach, Leadership Trainer and Speaker.
Claude Vigneault – Certified Professional Coach, Leadership Trainer and Speaker.

Workshop (Mastermind Session)

My animated sessions offer a combination of synergy, brainstorming, education, empowerment and support in a group setting to sharpen your business skills. By bringing new ideas and a different perspective, my mastermind sessions will help you reach new heights.

Main advantages of a mastermind (synergy) group:

  1. Increase your own experience and confidence
  2. Study of leadership, communication principles and practices
  3. Receive positive feedback
  4. Outstanding support from other colleagues in maintaining a positive attitude
  5. Building on the experience and skills of other members


The 5 keys to persevere towards the triumph
This conference about perseverance will guide you through the concepts and ideas that I have personally experienced to exceed my own goals. My desire is to engage you in a process of action and motivate you to persevere in order to cross each finish line successfully.

Everyone communicates but very few connect
The objective of this conference is to show leaders how to get the message across by building bridges with others. Cultivating Relationships for Success!

Greater than yourself …
The true leaders of this world have become great leaders by causing others to be greater than themselves. The ultimate way to boost talent, productivity and create truly significant current and future leaders is by dedicating yourself to bringing others along so that they can achieve more than you…

Claude Vigneault – Certified Professional Coach, Leadership Trainer and Speaker.

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